Berthillon, Paris

Berthillon is considered to create the best ice cream in the entire world. What a hefty title to live up to.

Paris Last Day 105

Here’s how I completed one of their signature sundaes from start to finish at their beautiful tea room on Île Saint-Louis in Paris. My ice cream flavours included mango, and chocolate-orange. They were unfortunately out of their infamous salted caramel that day.

Paris Last Day 116

Paris Last Day 110

Paris Last Day 117

Paris Last Day 118

Paris Last Day 119

Paris Last Day 120

Paris Last Day 121

Paris Last Day 122

Was the ice cream as fantastic as everyone claims it to be? In my opinion, the texture of the ice cream was wonderful: smooth, and just giving way to my spoon. The chocolate-orange flavour was rich and robust, but I am almost certain that their mango flavour was infiltrated with canned mango pulp, which I am not a fan of.  The crispy meringue provided exquisite textural contrast to the soft mounds of ice cream, while the raspberry coulis provided  a tangy edge that cut through the creaminess of the sundae.

The tea room is reminiscent of old Paris, with a decor that is classic and posh. If you want a classic experience, this is the place to go!


3 Responses

  1. OMG the BEST ICECREAM EVER. (: I miss Paris ):

  2. When I used to live in Paris, it was THE place where I used to meet my girlfriends. Berthillon is definitely the best ice cream place in the world. Oh I miss Paris!

  3. vijaya that looks AWESOME

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