Frankfurt, Germany

The first destination of my European trip! Frankfurt is such a beautiful, bustling, and friendly city! We were fortunate enough to be informed of the Frankfurt Museumsuferfest held along the Main river, and decided to hit it up. Can you say gorgeous? Both the location, and the people 😉 are so beautiful. At every corner there’s live music playing, dancers dancing, and people just having a good time! The festival is almost 10 times the size of the Taste of the Danforth!  The foodie in me had to sample traditional German fair including Bratwurst, Spirpraten, and Beer! Yummy 🙂


Don’t “Tea”se Me

If someone said “black sticky balls” you’d probably run in the other direction. Me on the other hand, I’d be intrigued. Could this mass of shiny, sugary, chewy goodness be one component of my favourite meal in a glass?


Fancy a Shawarma?

My first introduction to shawarma was a bit confusing. I was about 11 years old, a foodie in the making, with a palate that was quite new to the bold flavour profiles of Lebanese cuisine. I was an open minded kid who would give everything a go at least once. The combination of tahini, pickled turnips, parsley, and fire spit chicken took some getting used to. However, over several years I have come to the conclusion that the very restaurant where I had my first taste of Lebanese food is the one that I keep coming back to for more.