Mystery Boxes

I happened to be baking one day, which is quite out of the ordinary for me, because I am a cook through and through and usually leave the creation of baked goods to those with enough patience for the chemistry of it all.

Anyhow, when I’m in the kitchen I often tend to create an excess of whatever I’m making. So one day I devised a way of giving away a slew of cupcakes that I baked. I grabbed a styrofoam box and a sharpie. In black ink I wrote on the box “Mystery Box: Dear (Friend whose name will remain anonymous). I hope you enjoy these 🙂 Let me know what you think. (Signed nobody)”. I drove over to the friend’s house, dropped the box off on their porch, and waited to see how this charade would play out.


Messages on Twitter indicated that the person thought another friend had delivered the special treat. I felt slighted, but whatever, that’s what I got for not putting my name on the box. Then I discovered that the friend’s mother was on the brink of throwing the entire box out in fear that someone was out to poison her kid. I found that quite funny.

Close to midnight I get a text message asking  if it was me. “If what was me?” I responded. I know, I’m horrible aren’t I?  So I play out this mind game for another 45 minutes before I give in. This time my friend was seriously threatening to throw out my double chocolate cupcakes, and I just wasn’t having it anymore. To my relief at least 2 cupcakes were consumed that evening.


It was one of the most interesting social experiments that I’ve conducted, and I got such a good laugh out of it that I did it again, and again, and again. Each box had a funny story attached to it, with the friend not knowing what to do with it, or accessories to the stories including parents who refused to open the door when I knocked.

The Mystery Box phenomenon is one that I am going to continue, just for the simple joy of seeing people get excited over a surprise delivery. As a kid I’ve always dreamt of singing telegrams at my door, bouquets of flowers that show up for no reason, and balloons that are so abundant that they have a hard time getting through the door. Who wouldn’t like to be able to make their friend’s eyes light up over a special treat made specifically for them?

Do you know someone deserving of a Mystery Box?


3 Responses

  1. This is a really cute idea!!


    Sorry I thought it was someone else :). You rock!

  3. Dude! Where’s mine!? haha kidding :P.

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