The Gelato Series- Hollywood Gelato

I  am determined to find the best gelato in Toronto. After my trip to Italy in the fall, I  instantly became enamoured with this dense, rich, creamy treat and was consuming it consistently, knowing that it would soon disappear from my daily diet. The best that I found was in Florence. Unlike it’s Roman and Venetian counterparts whose gelato often was laced with artificial flavours and too much sugar, this regional gelato boasted authentic flavours, generous portions, and overall a more consistent product. I still dream of that gelato to this day.

Florence Pictures 123

Day 1 Rome- Part 1 042

Although taking up permanent residency in Florence has not completely slipped my mind, I had to search for a suitable alternative in my native Toronto. I drew up a list of all the gelaterias around the city, and started visiting them one by one. As of this blog post I have visited the majority of them, and only have a few more to go.

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Swirly Goodness

Los Angeles Day 5 061

With a tag line like that, who wouldn’t be enticed? I had been waiting for an opportunity to cross the border to indulge in this ever so craftily marketed yogurt. Bloody hell…I wanted to cross the border for yogurt?

Yogurt is definitely one dairy product that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Mostly considered a meal on the go, I have never met someone who was excited about eating yogurt for dessert. If you were presented with the option of yogurt, or ice cream, I am pretty certain that I know which you would reach for.

Los Angeles Day 4 134

I first came to know of Pinkberry through a TV show which I will fail to plug here, because it is completely and utterly embarrassing to divulge that I used to watch it. Two girls sit outside a Pinkberry location in Los Angeles discussing whether they should go to the gym or not. They discuss the toppings on their frozen yogurt, namely the fruity pebbles, and decide to ditch the gym and bask in the glory of this low-calorie dessert/snack/whatever you want to call it.

Los Angeles Day 4 133 So I went to Los Angeles, sat in that very Pinkberry shop, and enjoyed a cup of swirly goodness. Frozen yogurt never tasted so good to me. The yogurt was delicate, sweet, and lacked the acidic twang one would expect. The toppings were delicious fresh cut fruit that were ripe, sweet, and gently froze when placed on the white billowing frozen peaks. I felt good about eating it. There was nothing about ice cream I missed.

yogen_logo_5Coming back to Hollywood North, I knew I was going to miss my new found obsession. Life would not be the same. That is until I discovered Yogen Fruz’s new “Top It” frozen yogurt. Low and behold, it had the same magical swirl, similar toppings, and most importantly almost the same taste. I wasn’t going to be missing anything after all. Top It is in the midst of catching on with Canadian consumers whose loyalty currently rests with Yogen Fruz’s classic blended yogurt treats. Give it some time, and I’m sure that we will be seeing swirly goodness all over town.

The Best Damn Gelato

Florence Pictures 124 Rome has nothing on Florence. When I had gelato in Rome, I thought, "What a disappointment". Fragola (strawberry) flavoured gelato was laced with sugar, and was diluted by water. If gelato in the capital city of Italy sucked, what could I expect from other regions?

Day 1 Rome- Part 1 043 Florence is my home away from home, utterly gorgeous, beautiful culture and people, but most of all the best food in Italy! Their gelato is creamy and dense, made with the freshest ingredients, and is simply to die for! My favourite flavour so far? Frutti di bosco, literally translated as fruits of the woods that includes blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and has a yogurt base.