Vijaya Selvaraju is a foodie on a mission. Since the tender age of 6 years old, she has been in the kitchen concocting recipes, and developing her craft as a culinary avantgarde. Her inspiration and passion developed at a very young age when she began to watch chefs like Delia Smith, Gary Rhodes, Sara Moulton, and Gordon Ramsay after whom she modeled her desire for the art of cooking. Her palate for all things tasty did not go unnoticed, and her library of personally developed recipes began to grow.

Vijaya’s philosophy on food is simple: fresh ingredients, ample seasoning, and a whole lot of creativity. She attributes her accumulation of food knowledge to her culinary heroes whom she studied during her childhood, and through her experimentation in the kitchen.

Her culinary prowess was further heightened recently during a food tour of Europe during which she stopped at 5 cities. Her days were scheduled around dining at landmark eateries, and tasting local specialities.

Vijaya currently hosts a web television show, “Foodcapades”. Her goal through her blog and episodes is to reveal the best restaurants in Toronto and through her travels, as well as document great recipes that can be made at home.


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