European Grocery Stores

One morning in Brussels I headed down to the hotel lobby to figure out where the closest boulangerie/patisserie was. The dude at the front desk told me to go to the grocery store next door. “For croissants and pastries?” I questioned. I was ever so slightly skeptical.

Literally 3 minutes from our hotel room was this unassuming sliding door that opened to a quaint space. At first glance it seemed ordinary at best. However, a double-take quickly helped cement the fact that this store was housing a lot of great treasures that were bound to wet my appetite.


My mom’s eye caught the meat section which was stocked with the most delectable sliced meats, and sausages. We picked up a couple packs of Grillwurst. We pan fried these, and they were spectacular! To this day I drool over the thought of them.


Next we went to the bakery. A tall metal rolling cart was filled with different croissants that were still warm from the oven. They were crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and had that buttery hit that no Sobey’s or Loblaws could ever recreate. My favourite croissant was one that was topped with chocolate nibs, and stuffed with a chocolate and almond mixture. Tender, melt in your mouth goodness that had my dad taking dibs on my croissants!


The cheese section was the absolute highlight. The refrigerated section was decked head to toe in cheeses from different regions in Europe, and was a feast for the eyes.  I’m not much of a cheese person, but let me tell you, that section made me a convert. Fresh goats cheese, spreads, aperitif cheeses,  aged cheeses, and fresh mozzarella(incredibly milky and tender) galore! We picked up a few of each and scooted out to the cashier counter before we did any more damage in the store.


This shopping trip helped me realize one of many things, the most important being that European customers don’t put up with crap. If it isn’t fresh, store’s don’t put it out. If customers complain, store’s try to find a way to fix the problem (whether it be taste, quality, etc). If stores didn’t do these things, I’m sure customers would start some sort of riot. As a result of the riot, the store would be blacklisted. As a result of being blacklisted they would eventually shut down. But supermarkets in Europe are smart, because they love their customers and do what’s right to keep them happy.

Hmm, would starting a riot here do anything? 😉


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  1. i personally think most customers have either low standards here or are just lazy

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