Turning a bad food day into a good one

Food Pictures (Cassoulet, Winterlicious) 045

Today was not a proud day in the land of Vijaya. I had an egg McMuffin breakfast a la McDonald’s (eek), followed by a Weetabix lunch. It’s pretty sad I know, but every foodie has one of “those days”. And if it makes you or I feel any better, I had the most fantastic gelato yesterday (stay tuned for that post!).

I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere or do anything, because my neck and back were in excruciating pain. I turn on the TV, and low and behold I am watching one of the most annoying food network hosts, Rachael Ray. I gotta give it to this lady, her spunk and enthusiasm have put her up with the likes of Martha Stewart, but god help me if I have to hear her whiny voice spell out E-V-O-O (extra virgin olive oil) once again. Anyhow, she somehow hooked me into watching her for 10 minutes of one of her 30 minute meals episodes. I think I lasted that long because I was hungry, and also because I got inspiration (I hate to admit it) to prepare that meal. So much so, that I got ready, went out and picked up 2 ingredients that I needed.  Chicken with mushroom cream sauce, here I come!

Food Pictures (Cassoulet, Winterlicious) 051

My version is a loose adaptation of Ms. Ray’s:

I substitute the whipping cream for 3 tablespoons of sour cream.

I nix the balsamic vinegar all together and instead opt to deglaze the fried mushroom, garlic, and onion mixture with ¼ cup of white wine, after which I add the stock.

Instead of thickening with flour, I allow the chicken stock to reduce to half, and then had the sour cream which helps creates a thick sauce.

I opted for spaghetti instead of orzo. Choose whatever pasta you have at home/like best.

All in all, it was pretty delicious, and fast to prepare!

Here’s the link :



2 Responses

  1. Yum, that looks delish! I can’t believe I never knew of this blogged…. you will be stalked my dear (:

  2. Much appreciated Cheryl 🙂 Started the blog just a month or so ago. Figured I needed to consolidate all of the videos somehow. Stalk me all you want!!!! I’ve been stalking you too;)

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