Hello My Persian Friend

I have this Persian friend, who was insistent on exposing me to Persian food the right way. I had once had Persian food at a birthday party, served buffet style. My friend cringed at the thought of it. I kind of cringed too, remembering the not so memorable flavours of cardamom overpowering dried out chicken kebabs, and rice that was anything but flavourful. My Persian friend is a smart guy, because after one taste I was certain that I’d love Persian food forever.

The ambiance at Shomal (North) restaurant was lovely. Not so good for videotaping though. Here’s the link  nonetheless. Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Hey ya!
    Have you heard of a persian restaurant called Karoon? Suppose to include live entertainment and dining. Going there in 2 weeks, give me your thoughts if you have been or heard anything about it 🙂

  2. Hilori, Vijaya told me to respond to you! LOL

    Karoon is pretty good, I would say my 3rd favourite Persian place in Toronto (although haven’t been there recently). Entertainment is a persian singer and also belly dancing – some real belly dancing – not the joke/fake belly dancing you see at places like Sultan’s Tent.

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