Wedding_Summerlicious_GradParty 081 I breathe food. It is my passion. I have been watching the Food Network before it ever existed, ever since they began to offer free previews to gain viewership in a world where no channel had ever dedicated 24 hours of their programming to food. Sigh…I love food. I love the days of Door Knock Dinners, How to Boil Water, and Ready Set Cook. I am even more enticed today by shows like In Search of Perfection with gastronomic genius Heston Blumenthal, my current food idol. They inspire me to cook, to taste, to experiment, and to travel the world in search of food adventures.

Wedding_Summerlicious_GradParty 109 So, I was kind of caught off guard when it dawned upon me that I hadn’t participated in one of Toronto’s largest food events, Summerlicious. This event has been around for some years now, and invites Torontonians to take part in a fanfare of prix fixe (set price) menus from some of Toronto’s best restaurateurs. So, the average Joe or Jill can enjoy lunch ($20-$25) or dinner ($30-$35) at the likes of Jamie Kennedy’s namesake restaurant, or TV personality Marc McEwan’s infamous North 44 without worrying about whether they’re going to be able to make the next payment on their mortgage.

The only way to break this ugly curse was to of course make some reservations, put on a nice dress and heels, and head out the door. Ultra Supper Club and Veritas, here I come!


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